Personas, packaging, & pricing


• Rapid turnaround time

• Auto app upgrade

• Bug fixes for mobile

• Free one-time content

database set-up


• Augmented Reality

• Before/after comparison

• Detailed descriptions

• List and map functionality

• Smart search

• Social media sharing

• Analytics reports

• 25 PIVOT Points (Independent PIVOTeers)


• Unlimited PIVOT Points

• Geo-fenced GUI

• Viritual tours by theme

• Offline tour saving

• Real time data analytics

• Crowd-sourcing PIVOT Points from Independent PIVOTeers (Beta)


• Student & alumni sign-in

(Available Spring 2016)

Schools &



Municipalities, and Libraries

Independent PIVOTeers

Mobile Users

AR interaction with historical media (videos, images, text, and sound)

Camera function features geotagged 

institutional filter

Google Maps interface

Search by PIVOT Point, theme, or institution

(Easy cancellation)

Limited Time Only!
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