Who is PIVOTtheWorld and what is PIVOT?

PIVOTtheWorld is a team of visionaries that built the PIVOT app, a tool that will allow you to see your world through a tunnel of time! 


How can I contribute to PIVOT?

If you are an institution you can contact sami@pivottheworld.com to get set up! End users will have their own platform for contributing photos and stories soon!

What kind of content is available? Do I have to be on location to access this content?

You can view historical photos and information (audio tours are coming soon!). Users who are off-site can also see what a location currently  looks like compare it to past photos in a VR Tour. 

Where does PIVOT get its content? 

We believe that the people who know their histories the best should be contributing to our platform! Therefore we operate on a client-based model meaning that universities, museums, and historical institutions contribute their historical content to our platform. Then end users contribute their “shoebox archives” to add to the world’s stories! 

Where does PIVOT work? When will you include [fill in your location of your fav location on the planet]?

Currently PIVOT is piloting at Harvard University through the Harvard Public Affairs Office. Let us know where we should go to next. We are working as fast as we can to get to you!

How does the technology work? 

Our augmented reality features works by using the camera to find “PIVOT Points” (any location with at least one historical photo and information) using GPS and compass. We hope to soon implement image recognition to also locate such things as easter egg surprises!


When and how can I contribute my own photos and stories? 

We will soon be launching PIVOTtheWorld web platform where you will be able to contribute your own content and add to the narrative of institutions all over the world - stay tuned!