Our Story

"After my father passed away     I felt lost. He grew up in Palestine and knew the area and history so intimately; without him, I did not have the ability to fully appreciate the rich culture and history beneath my very feet. But I realized that this did not have to be the case.


My husband Sami and I met at the border crossing between Jordan and Palestine, the same place where my late father was exiled from his homeland - on the cusp of the Diaspora.


We are building this project to ensure the next generation’s easy access to a history that would otherwise be hard to reach and impossible to imagine."




 Asma Jaber 

PIVOTtheWorld, Co-Founder

The PIVOT Story

The inspiration came when Asma Jaber (co-founder) first visited historic Palestine after her father (a Palestinian refugee born in Nazareth) passed away in 2012.


Now PIVOT's mission is to streamline digital cultural preservation in locations where cultures and histories are at risk of being lost, locations with rich tourism potential, or locations with diminished tourism sectors throughout the world. 



The PIVOT team is dedicated to putting this singular technology in the hands of consumers to ensure the next generation’s easy access to a history that would otherwise be hard to reach and impossible to imagine.

Meet the Founders
Asma Jaber
Co-Founder and CEO

Asma is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of government with a Master of Public Policy. She has devoted her career to cultural preservation and civil rights advocacy with leading institutions such as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the U.S. Department of Justice. Asma is passionate about preserving histories and cultures from extinction, as well as documenting history and using that to promote social justice.

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Sami Jitan
Co-Founder and VP of Product Experience

Sami graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University with a major in Cultural Anthropology and English Literature. He has built his expertise across both the public and private sectors in the areas of new media, negotiations and communications, NGO research, and corporate social responsibility. He is committed to bringing the PIVOT experience to every smart phone around the world, and helping users harness the past with technology.


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